Pinhole Camera


Pinhole photography is a historical photographic process. Simple yet magical experience.

Pinhole cameras come in many shapes and sizes, and is a light- tight vessel with a very fine round hole in one end and photographic paper in the other. Light passes through the hole and a negative image is formed within the camera. 

The process is simple:

  • Participants will be introduced to pinhole photography

  • Participants will have a chance to use cameras themselves or a person responsible for the workshop will take an image for them (usually an image of participants)

  • Cameras will be collected and taken to the Dark Room where all the chemicals are kept

  • Ten - twenty minutes will be needed to develop the negatives

  • Negatives will be placed on the washing lines to dry then they can be collected by participants

  • Guides to making a Pinhole Cameras at home and how to use them are available for participants to take away

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