Photo Laundry

is an international photography exhibition first started in Russia in 2010 by Andrei Kezzin.  More than 90,000 people from 40 cities across 7 countries have participated in the project in the last 9 years.

Photographers of any skill level are welcomed and encouraged to showcase their work in an improvised gallery made of washing lines. In return for sharing a piece, participants can take away with them an image that takes their fancy.

  • Up to 10 images per person on the lines

  • Pegs and lines are provided

  • Images not bigger than A2

  • No nudity please as we have kids participating

The concept is simple:

1. Print your photos

2. Hang them on the washing lines

3.Mingle and connect with other


4. Exchange: take home images you liked

You DO NOT have to REGISTER to participate in this project. It is a FREE community event presented to you by Little Unique!

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